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Analysis on the Development of Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Market in China
- Jun 20, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the world economy, science and technology, society, stainless steel kitchen equipment products varieties, specifications are increasingly numerous. Stainless steel kitchen equipment products in the cooking products are in the high-end products, with noble, beautiful, durable, etc., in line with modern aesthetic requirements and eating habits, which not only play the traditional cooking function, but also to enhance the master's taste, home decoration grade performance The With the global kitchen utensils market continues to expand, stainless steel kitchen equipment products in Europe and the United States and other developed countries are also increasing demand. Although the product itself belongs to the family of consumer goods, but because of the rapid development of product style appearance, as well as high-tech products in the production of the gradual application of intelligent products, personalized, functional diversification features become increasingly prominent, Products currently in foreign countries already have the characteristics of fast moving consumer goods.

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From a global perspective, the region by economic development, living habits and other factors, stainless steel kitchen equipment market also has its own characteristics. For example, the European and North American stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers have a long history of development, the market development is more mature, many consumers, the market is relatively large and steady growth year by year, respectively, in 2010 accounted for about 40% of global market share and 25%; Asian regional market Scale growth is mainly dependent on Japan and the Middle East and other emerging markets driven by strong demand in 2010, about 26% of the global market size.

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With the rising labor costs in developed countries, making the global stainless steel kitchen equipment industry, a major adjustment in the pattern of its manufacturing links gradually from developed to developing countries. As a new developing country, China relies on labor costs and manufacturing capacity advantages, to attract internationally renowned stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers in China to invest and build factories. There are more than 600 stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers in the country, 53% concentrated in Guangdong, 21% in Zhejiang, 13% in Shandong, China has become the world's stainless steel kitchen equipment products, the main production base, more than 90 percent of products exported to overseas markets.