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Cutting board maintenance tips
- Nov 27, 2017 -

   Cutting board in use, should not be dedicated to one end, to be rotated around to keep the anvil wear and tear balance, to avoid common side uneven, irregular, flat planing available iron plane. Chopping out, you can first wash, and then use coarse salt or cucumber cloth to scrub, then hot water over, there is the effectiveness of sterilization, erected, with a cloth cover, put the ventilation at the prepared Reuse. Ironwood chopping board maintenance is to long-term moisturizing, when you are finished, after washing, the shop above a wet towel moisturizing; if there is a crack, more difficult to remedy, the only way is to cut the board immersed in water, so that the cutting board full of wet Through, to minimize cracks.

   The chopping board is usually made of wood. Because the wooden chopping board has patchwork or wormhole, it is easy to breed germs, so often wash or pour soup with boiling water to keep the chopping board clean. If the chopping board has old mold, the chopping board can be placed in the water or scrub detergent, etc., and then rinse with water, stand on the ventilated place to dry, but do not easily under the sun on the wet cutting board Exposure, to prevent its deformation, which affect the use.