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How to choose chopping board
- Dec 13, 2017 -

      Chopping board, we are cooking tools must be used when cutting vegetables, if left the cutting board, then we cut vegetables, then certainly not convenient, cut vegetables is not good, too hard to cut or not, this Cutting board is very important, many people cut out the chopping board will have a layer of the phenomenon, so cut into the food to go, fried dishes to eat if the body is quite unfavorable, but also induced a lot Disease, then how to choose the cutting board is better?

      Currently common cutting board on the market are made of bamboo, wood and plastic, but qualified bamboo cutting board should be made of natural plants, the material is relatively strong and not easy to crack or dregs, dirt is not easy to be stuffed in the cracks, Relatively clean, more convenient to clean. Because bamboo cutting board easy to dry, not moldy, smelly, is a good choice. The only drawback is that bamboo chopping board due to the thickness is not enough, mostly stitching made, can not withstand the use of heavy blows, it is best used to cut vegetables or fruit, chopped meat is not suitable.

      Wooden chopping board material is very thick, toughness, more suitable for chopping meat or cut some hard food. However, in use, it is easy to chop out the wood residue, mixed in meat dishes to eat into the body, long-term detriment to health. In addition, the wooden cutting board for a long time, cutting easy to accumulate dirt, easy to clean, and some wood, such as poplar itself is easy to crack, and then repeatedly used, more likely to breed bacteria. Due to the strong water absorption of the wooden cutting board, not easy to dry, if for a long time in the humid environment, it is easy moldy, resulting in intestinal diseases. Therefore, the best use of wooden cutting board vegetable oil soaked for 2 hours, so not easy to crack. When buying chopping board, be sure to pick the wood that you are relieved of. Cutting boards made of gingko, sago horn, birch or willow are better. The company is located in:

      Plastic cutting board and more polypropylene, polyethylene and other made, not suitable for cutting some fat food, otherwise not good to clean. Plastic cutting board is not high temperature, hot things on the cut, it is easy to deformation. Some chopping boards contain plasticizers such as lead and cadmium, which may cause long-term use even if they are carcinogenic. However, some plastic chopping boards with rough texture can easily cut into pieces and enter the body with food to cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

      No matter what kind of cutting board, after use should be promptly cleaned, hung hanging hanging in a ventilated place, let it dry. Do not stick to the wall or put flat, or the other side of the air can not dry, it is easy breeding mold. When cleaning, you can use a hard brush dipped in detergent brush, and then washed repeatedly with clean water, hot water can also be used to wash, can play a bactericidal effect.

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