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How to crack a newly bought chopping block
- Dec 06, 2017 -

1, first with boiling water hot, the cutting board of the outer layer of wax washed off, after washing, must be immersed in a thick brine board one day, concentrated brine is to boil water, hot add salt, add until no longer dissolved. The purpose of the day with concentrated salt blisters is to make the surface of the chopping board with salt, salt is absorbent, can prevent the chopping block dry cracking. After the bubble to take out, heat a pot of oil, and so cool to 70 degrees, daub the surface of the chopping board, static for a while, and then coated, several times. When the oil is almost sucked, use the paper to dry the oil, the chopping board can be used. In addition, if the chopping block to be used for a long time, also should be coated with a good oil level to keep.

2, buy the new chopping board after the purchase, the chopping block flat on the bracket. double-sided smear of vegetable oil, dry and then repeatedly daub until the vegetable oil penetrating, reach saturation. In successive days, fuel consumption depending on the size of the chopping board, generally only spent more than 250 grams. After the vegetable oil treatment, no matter how long, the chopping board will not crack.