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How to ensure the quality of stainless steel cutting tools
- Jun 20, 2017 -

We all know that there are many types of tools, and now the most common is a stainless steel tool, and how to ensure that the quality of stainless steel cutting tool is the concern of each tool manufacturers need to do?

1, in the choice of Arbor, the appearance must be intact, the size of each Arbor, the quality is very strict inspection, the error must not exceed 0.1mm.

2, the tool slot, each blade must be completely the same, the error can not exceed 0.1mm, otherwise it will lead to the blade does not meet the requirements in the welding.

3, when the tool in the sharpening, the requirements are even more harsh, and once the user does not meet the requirements, will lead to the user to produce the product, can not meet their own requirements.

Processing quality has been guaranteed to have a better use of results, many processing details are need to pay attention.