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How to Keep Silicone Kitchen Tools?
- Dec 01, 2017 -


1.Before each use of silicone appliances, must first confirm the silicone appliances are clean and dry.

2.The first use, the application of hot water cleaning (you can add a little detergent dilution), can not be used with corrosive substances cleaning silicone appliances.

3.Can not use sharp appliances contact silicone appliances, it is easy to scratch rotten.


1.Silicone mold is to be baked in the oven, such as silicone cake mold, to ensure that each mold are fitted with small things,Dissatisfaction of all the ingredients of the mold, can be filled with water in the empty mold, the mold can not be installed on the material without the grid grilled, it will reduce the life of silicone mold.

2.Silicone appliances can only be used in the oven, can not directly touch the source of fire or electricity .

After use:

1.After using the silicone appliances and finished products together, put aside cool. Try not to remove it with cold water.

2.Silicone appliances easier to vacuum, so do not apply silicone appliances, it is best placed in a cool clean, dry cabinet or box.