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How to maintain the Cutting Board
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Our most commonly used chopping board is two types of wood and bamboo, the two methods of cutting board material is basically the same. Is the combination of oil + cling film, conservation first cut a large chunk twice the size of the cling film, pour in a small amount on the plastic wrap with cooking oil.

  The oil spread evenly spread on a piece of clean and dry wooden chopping block, and then pour a little oil on the chopping block, spread the oil evenly by hand, wrap the chopping block together with plastic wrap, gently press the chopping block Both sides are immersed in fat, with a hair dryer back and forth several times to speed up the absorption of fat.

 If the time is more substantial, you can wrap a period of time, so that natural oil penetration, the drying effect is the best.