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direct hit Canton Fair: Amazon tens of millions of dollars in sales, kitchen silicone spatula artifact Why can capture the hearts of foreigners?
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Canton Fair Exhibitors said that silicone material kitchen utensils in the foreign market has been a high degree of recognition, the company's main export market for silicone products is also aimed at Europe and the United States and other countries, of which 70% of the products are sold to the U.S., Southeast Asia and other countries also occupy a small proportion. And on the domestic market, silicone kitchen appliances are also becoming a trend sweeping thousands of consumers of the kitchen, such as some young mother DIY baking, will be used like silicone spatula , mats and other products. In addition, domestic Ikea, Muji and other home chains are also expanding the silicone kitchen appliances this category.

"Silicone kitchen appliances can replace the traditional metal, plastic, wood kitchen utensils, for consumers sought after, mainly thanks to the silicone rubber, a variety of advantages of raw materials." ”

First of all, silica gel material high temperature, performance is relatively stable, and non-toxic harmless, many infants and young children's equipment raw materials are silicone.

Secondly, from the aesthetic point of view, silicone materials can be made of various shapes, in the product of the appearance of innovation to give people a bright feeling. And the color can be changeable. "Many European and American consumers, in the purchase of kitchen appliances, will take into account the product color and furniture, decoration of the overall package, so the color of the silicone kitchen appliances, can meet the needs of consumers, and metal, wood materials will be difficult to achieve this effect. Fiona added.

In addition, the upgrading of the pot, but also prompted the development of silicone kitchenware. At present, whether in Europe or theUnited States, many families will use Non-stick pan, flat pot, and this pot with only wood, silicone kitchenware, so as not to scrape the pot surface coating. But in contrast, wood, bamboo kitchen utensils, easy to mold, resulting in food safety hazards, so silicone kitchenware advantage is more prominent.

Finally, from the environmental level, silica gel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, plastic appliances will become black after burning, good plastic will become a group of transparent objects after burning, can not degrade back to the land, and silicone products after burning can become powder, dissolved into the land, non-polluting.

Heat-Resistant Spatulas,Non-stick Rubber Spatulas with Stainless Steel Core,Dishwasher Safe

Of course, silicone kitchenware design is not immutable, such as the recent European and American more popular wood and silicone combination of kitchenware, we also produced with beech wood, oak, acacia wood, bamboo and other wood materials combination of silicone kitchenware. At the same time will also be based on the use of products, to consider the combination of silicone and different materials. ”

Foreign customers in the procurement of products, the focus of attention is also different. American customers tend to prefer the practicality and price of the product, while Europe emphasizes the sense of design and higher quality requirements.

Silicone products exported to the United States, the need to meet the FDA's food-grade standards, export EU countries are more demanding, need to meet the LFGB standards, while the export of France's product standards are the strictest, and has its own standard--french. In addition, all exports to theUnited   Statesof wood and bamboo products must be fumigated, holding fumigation reports to the United States Customs, in order to prevent termites hidden in the product entry.