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Kitchen stainless steel kitchen utensils cleaning method
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Kitchen stainless steel kitchen utensils cleaning method

The following points will tell how the commercial kitchen on the stainless steel table after cleaning the kitchen can also increase the gloss of steel:

1, how to wash the cake:

Steamed eggs, the bowl often sticks to the traces of eggs, and sticky very tight, not simple cleaning. At this time, as long as the bowl put a little salt, and then hand and water quietly wipe the bowl of the egg is very simple to be removed.

2, how to remove the kitchen equipment on the rust on the bronze:

With 160 grams of wood chips, 60 grams of talcum powder, 240 grams of wheat bran, and then participate in 50 ml of vinegar, mix into a paste, coated on the rusty bronze, dried, the rust on the off.

3, chopper with salt water bubble after a good grinding:

Put the blunt chopper, first put in salt water for 20 minutes, and then grinding, while grinding edge irrigation salt water. This is both simple grinding, grinding sharp, but also extend the kitchen life.

4, kitchen equipment, aluminum products, hot rubbing oil:

Aluminum products with a long time, the surface will be adhering to the oil. Can be boiled in the aluminum products, hot with thicker paper in the outer edge of the force to wipe, you can remove the oil.

5, how to wipe glassware:

Wipe the fruit plate, cool bottles, cold dishes and other glassware, if not many fouling stains, do not have to buy, washing powder, decontamination powder, only some messy hair or tea leaves wipe, not only save time and effort, and decontamination The role of more than the majority of ambitions.

6, clever kitchen ground oil:

Before wiping the hot water can be used to moisten the oil on the ground, so that the stain softened, and then in the mop down some vinegar, and then drag the ground, you can remove the oil on the ground.