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Kitchenware Taboo
- Dec 18, 2017 -

First, bogey bogey long-term Sheng meals

The chemical nature of aluminum is very active and easily oxidized in the air to form alumina films. Alumina film insoluble in water, but can be dissolved in acidic or alkaline solution. Salt can also destroy alumina. If the soup, food, long-term aluminum containers, not only will destroy the aluminum products, and soup will dissolve more aluminum molecules. These aluminum molecules and food undergo chemical changes to produce aluminum compounds.

Long-term eating foods containing a large amount of aluminum and aluminum compounds will destroy the normal calcium and phosphorus ratio in the human body, affecting the growth and development of human bones and teeth, as well as affecting the activity of some digestive enzymes and diminishing the digestive function of the stomach . Therefore, aluminum bogey long lasting meals. Best not to use aluminum pan cooking or burning soup.

Second, metal containers avoid acid beverage

Acidic beverages come into contact with metal containers (iron, aluminum, copper, etc.) that react chemically and dissolve the metal material in the beverage. Once you drink this drink, it can cause chemical poisoning, headaches and nausea. Diarrhea and other symptoms, while lemonade, orange water, sour plum and other beverages are very high acidity. Therefore, metal containers do not contain acid drinks.

Third, plastic food containers avoid oil products

Taboo use of plastic utensils: bogey put food too long, after each use should be washed immediately put away. Avoid oil products Sheng. Because soft plastic foodstuffs with poor oil resistance, easy to grease pollution.

Bogey put fresh fish. Due to the strong odor absorption characteristics of soft plastic food utensils, it is very difficult to remove fishy smell after putting fresh fish. Avoid booming water. Soft plastic food has the disadvantage of high temperature, bogey with boiling water or boiled hot water.

Fourth, avoid using enamel products cook Sheng food

A variety of enamel products are plated on the appearance of iron products made of enamel. Enamel contains enamel lead and other lead compounds harmful to the human body.

In order to ensure safety, it is best not to use enamel products to cook food, do not use it to hold acidic food. Because the enamel surface painted glaze, the main component is a variety of metal salts, such as yellow, big red glaze is a compound of cadmium and lead, and lead and cadmium are toxic. With colored enamel products containing acidic foods, lead and cadmium and other toxic substances will dissolve into food cause chronic poisoning in the human body.

Fifth, avoid using colored porcelain dishes containing acidic food

Painted with colorful patterns of ceramic tableware, will give the diners a kind of beauty to enjoy. But for its potential danger, little-known.

Whether it is painted in porcelain or pottery high-temperature glaze or low-temperature glaze, which are made of some toxic heavy metals and other compounds of pigments, such as the most of the large red glaze is a cadmium-containing compound, cream yellow oxide Lead, emerald chromium oxide. With this enamel dish full of fruit juice, vinegar, wine and other weak acid foods, glazed flowers in the poisonous heavy metals will be dissolved out, with the food into the body, causing damage to the body, and even can cause chronic poisoning, cadmium poisoning can cause Lung, bone damage; lead poisoning will produce anemia, neurasthenia, myelodystrophy suppressed embolism. Therefore, for colored porcelain. Painted pottery and other dishes, especially the utensils coated with glaze pattern tableware must not be used.

Six, avoid stainless steel or iron boil Chinese medicine

Due to the variety of alkaloids and various biochemicals contained in traditional Chinese medicine, many chemical reactions occur with stainless steel or iron, especially in heating conditions, or cause drug failure or even some toxicity.

Seven, avoid using odor wood cutting board

The first choice of folk cutting board lumber is gingko wood, sago hornwood, birch and willow and so on. Some wood, such as black cedar wood contains odor and toxic substances, use it to make cutting board, its taste not only polluted the dishes, but also easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain.

Eight, avoid using painted or engraved engraved engraved bamboo chopsticks

Paints on chopsticks not only lead, benzene and other chemicals, harmful to health, and when the smell of heat, affecting the appetite.

Bamboo chopsticks looks beautiful, but it is easy to stain dirt, not easy to clean, breeding bacteria, and even pathogenic.

Nine, avoid using all kinds of color porcelain Sheng materials

The best condiments are glassware. Color porcelain lead and other carcinogens. With the color of porcelain aging and decay, pattern pigments within the "radon" will produce food contamination, harmful to humans.