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Manual egg beater use tips
- Nov 21, 2017 -

Manual egg beater is mainly used to stir, some friends think electric beater can replace manual egg beater, it is wrong, these two kinds of kitchenware is a functional coincidence part, but manual egg beater also has its own irreplaceable The unique features, below we learn more about the manual eggbeater usage.

Manual egg whisk is one of the necessary tools West Point. Some people say that my family has electric, manual, no need. In fact, the production of West Point, usually need to have both a electric mixer and a manual mixer. For example, the production of chiffon cake, electric used to play protein paste, manually used to beat egg yolks. Due to the chiffon cake needs to be made of soft body, it is also recommended to use flour when mixing manual eggbeater rather than electric whisk. Professional pastry chef manual eggbeater, hardness is good, playing eggs to effortlessly.

Manual egg whisk is mainly used for batter, eggs and other raw materials mixing, mixing, professional baking division will also use it for egg whites and creams. Manual egg beater wire number, thickness, hardness of different, when mixed with the way the air is not the same. More metal wire and more flexible manual egg beater, whipping more easily wrapped in the air, suitable for the whole egg, egg white and light cream. The harder, more widely spaced, manual egg beaters are good for sending butter and mixing soft doughs such as butter cookie dough.

When using a manual eggbeater to send, the hard part is the wrist, wrapping the air through the proper rotation of the wrist joint to achieve the purpose of dispensing egg white, butter and other ingredients. When using a hand mixer to mix the dough, hold the handle firmly upright and use your wrist to arm the arm for full mixing. Selection of manual eggbeater depends on the grip of the handle feeling clothing, eggbeater appropriate curvature, wire and handle connection degree of solidity, a good choice of manual eggbeater brand products, brand manual eggbeater stainless steel thick line, Good elasticity, not easily deformed, the surface of the material after electrolysis. Egg rejection using manual assembly, so that the stainless steel wire mixer is not easy to make a U-turn, not easy to break.

When put on a hand mixer ordinary two wire two symmetrical clip, the two clips together, add the two clip (cross), pass the egg white (egg white 4) with an ordinary whisk It took less than 10 minutes for the beater to be added with a pin for 20 minutes. If you can add more than a few faster, this trick can reduce the playing time by half.