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Nylon Material Characteristics
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Polyamide referred to as nylon (PA), nylon rod, nylon plate, nylon film. The characteristics of nylon: mechanical properties change after absorbing water vapor, the material has better toughness and impact resistance, but the modulus of elasticity will decrease. Depending on the ambient air, the temperature and the time of absorbing moisture, the change of the specific depth can only change The surface layer that affects the material, for thick-walled parts, the center area is unaffected. Short-term best temperature is only applicable to a very low mechanical stress in a few hours. Long-term maximum service temperature Based on the thermoplastic aging caused by oxygen, it leads to the deterioration of the mechanical properties, which is suitable for the case of exposure to a certain temperature for more than 5000 hours, resulting in a decrease of 50% of the original tensile strength (measured in a greenhouse) Without specifying the mechanical strength of the material under high temperature applications, for thick-walled parts only the surface of the material is affected by high temperature oxidation and the use of an anti-oxidant protects the surface of the material better. In any case, the material center area is unaffected. The temperature is intrinsically affected by possible stress factors such as impacts and impacts in the application, etc. The stated value refers to a certain minimum level of impact stress. The above electrical properties are obtained by measuring the natural state of the dried material, and the electrical characteristics of the other colors (especially black) or the material after water absorption may be significantly different. The mechanical properties of the fiber-reinforced material were obtained by measuring parallel to the fiber direction on a sample of the injection mold.