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Selection and Analysis of Various Stainless Steel Tool Materials
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Materials made of stainless steel tools must have a high hardness and wear resistance, the necessary bending strength, impact toughness and chemical inertness, good process, and not easy to deformation. Now to understand the choice of stainless steel tool material:

1, the choice of high-speed steel, usually when the material hardness is high, wear resistance is also high; bending strength, the impact toughness is also high. But the higher the hardness of the material, the lower the bending strength and impact toughness. High-speed steel because of its high bending strength and impact toughness, and good machinability, modern is still the most widely used tool material, followed by carbide.

2, carbide indexable blade has been coated with chemical vapor deposition titanium carbide, titanium nitride, alumina hard layer or composite hard layer. Hard coating as a barrier to chemical diffusion and heat conduction barrier, so that the cutting tool in the cutting speed slowed down, the life of the coated blade and the coating compared to about 1 to 3 times higher.

3, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride for cutting high hardness hardened steel and hard cast iron, etc .; polycrystalline diamond for cutting iron-free metal, and alloy, plastic and glass steel, etc .; carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel now Only used as a tool, die and tap and other tools.

For a long time, generally use YG6, YG8, YG8N, YW1, YW2 and other ordinary grades of carbide as cutting stainless steel tool material, but can not get the desired effect; the use of new grades of cemented carbide such as 813,758 , 767,640,712,798, YM051, YM052, YM10, YS2T, YD15, etc., cutting stainless steel can get better results.

Reasonable choice of tool material is to ensure high efficiency cutting stainless steel an important condition. With the continuous development of CNC tooling technology, for large quantities of large parts, the use of carbide multi-blade, complex tool for cutting effect will be better.