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Silicone is safe
- Nov 16, 2017 -

What's silicone

Silicone is a polymer of silicon and oxygen, looks like rubber and plastic feel, which is why everyone accepted his not so high reason, like a dip "plastic" word that he Is an unhealthy product, which you can really misunderstood, because of non-toxic silicone, high temperature, electrical insulation, has been widely used in many areas of life friends.

Why you do not trust it

Shopkeeper in the kitchen products shop always recommended some silicone products to feel the resistance of some guests, think this kind of "plastic" things certainly not good, that contact with food tools, or want to choose traditional stainless steel products.

Where to use silicone

Then let's not talk about kitchen utensils, let's talk about under the application of silicone in other areas, the most convincing than the medical use of it. For example: girlfriends nose is not recently more three-dimensional friends, girlfriend's cup upgrade friends, these are likely to be medical silicone credit, thanks to the stability of silicone material, non-toxic, chemical said inert substances, So lazy so useful, it is admirable ah.

Silicone products is another feature of high temperature, easy processing, so much popular in the baking circle, but to be mixed in the baking circle to reach food-grade countries also have different standards, the European standard EFSA, the United States FDA standards , The price of the product is also closely related with these standards, so in the choice of not only cheaper oh.