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Silicone mold has the following two characteristics
- Jun 20, 2017 -

1, according to the processing and application needs, can be treated into different viscosity of different hardness of the product and then through the change in the catalyst varieties, dosage, and curing conditions can be different properties of the mold glue. Relative to the metal and other materials, which has an elastic body, with flexibility, more easily stripping.

2, have good physical properties, with heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, a wide range of temperature range (-60-300oC) and so on. Easy to use, two components after mixing at room temperature can be generated to produce mold. Not poisoned, the use of limited conditions.

Two-component condensed room temperature vulcanization liquid mold silicone, that is, Shenzhen silicone mold generally by the base rubber, crosslinking agent, catalyst, filler, and additives composed of five components. Theoretically as long as the first three components can be made in Shenzhen silicone mold, but in order to obtain a certain strength, "filler" is generally necessary, and "filler" depending on the situation may be. Usually the base gum, crosslinking agent and filler are made into one component while the catalyst is used as a separate component. The ratio of the catalyst component to the main gum component is generally between 1% and 3%, and the rate of the binder reaction can be adjusted by adjusting the catalyst ratio.