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Silicone scraper, an essential tool for making cakes!
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Silicone scraper is used in 100% food safety grade silicone raw material, soft texture, feel good, scraper blade curvature of the standardized design, you can easily clean the egg pot of cake or cream or cream. Silicone scraper handle can be used wood, as well as hardware and other materials, handle and the knife between the very fit, do not worry about off, do not worry about the liquid or cake and infiltration!

Silicone scraper with high temperature (low temperature) characteristics, the highest resistance to 240 ℃, the lowest can be cold -40 ℃, applicable to all types of dishwashers, ovens, than other materials of similar products have more prominent features.

Silicone scraper safe, odorless, five toxic, dustproof, non-stick, easy to clean. Silicone scraper is absolutely safe to use, even in the high temperature of more than one hundred degrees, it will not smoke, so you can rest assured that the use of silicone scraper production cake, and stirring batter. Encounter high temperature, it will not smell. Is one of the best kitchen utensils!

When the cake or egg tarts in the day, the silicone scraper when the necessary tools, you can refer to the following points, so that scraper play its due role.

1, in the cake and moved to the cake mold when the only silicone scraper, can make you do not waste cake and. Because the blade is a certain degree of flexibility, you can play along the wall of the egg basin clean.

2, in the egg yolk and protein and mix even when the only silicone scraper with the right gestures, can make your cake is not defoaming, will not fail in the last step.

3, in the final time to do the cake, the need for silicone scraper, the surface of your cake wiping flat, so that it will not bake out of the cake uneven.