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Stainless steel kitchen utensils enterprises need to be product-oriented
- Jun 20, 2017 -

In order to improve sales, many stainless steel kitchen utensils companies are making good use of price war, especially in the off-season when the advent of eager to eliminate the hoarding of goods is to make all the stops, marketing warfare imminent. However, in essence, the price war is not a panacea, only from the consumer demand, the development of stainless steel kitchen utensils can be more flat.

Price war is a temporary solution

Industry has a very famous saying "engage in activities is to die, do not engage in activities is to die." Now, many companies engaged in the activities of the province linkage, invited star endorsement to help out. But in fact, engage in large-scale activities aimed at attracting customers, started the brand, not to make money, with customers, to take the next step, otherwise are empty talk. Engage in the signing of the president, star signings, the province linkage and so on the large group buy activities is blindly hit the price war to get the user volume, it is ugly that is in the burn, in the fight who's emboldened enough, who is thick wallet. Indeed, the practice of stainless steel kitchen utensils will only lead to vicious competition in the industry.

From the product itself to engage in activities

Today, the era of profiteering stainless steel kitchenware industry is completely over, and entered the era of low-profit, but in order to play in the era of low-profit or to engage in, but not fucking, not the lowest price is king. Now the consumer's concept of consumption is no longer as easy as before can be used just fine, no good design, good service, even to buy one get 10, it is estimated that not many people for you to sell the account.