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The ways of washing silicone with stainless steel glue
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Silicone adhesive stainless steel glue in the silicone kitchenware is widely used. Such as silicone kitchen utensils is a silicone food products FDA, as the standard special silicone as raw material, molded by molding or lagging technology products. With its unique environmental protection, chemical stability, high temperature, soft, anti-fouling, dirt-resistant, and other superior performance, many materials in the kitchen stand out.

1, surface treatment: the stainless steel sand blasting machine or sandpaper after degreasing.

2, glue: Brush, impregnation or spray coating will be Kang Libang CL-24S-2P coated stainless steel surface.

3, drying: warm and dry at least 30 minutes, or 110-130 ℃ baking 5-15 minutes.

4, the silicone and stainless steel into the mold heat curing molding

5, a mold, pruning flash.


1, Adhesion should be as soon as possible after gluing, the best completed on the same day.

Avoid contamination and exposure to hot and humid air.

2, solvent vapor harmful, workplace should be fire ventilation,

Prevent prolonged inhalation or prolonged skin contact.

3, the solvent is volatile, use the container tightly closed.