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There is no sticky nylon if you handle these five details well
- Dec 13, 2017 -

TPE and nylon PA coating applications, in recent years in kitchen utensils, electrician tools, auto parts, fitness sports equipment and other industries increasingly widely used in the actual product overmolding process, I received a lot of friends on the network, TPE can not live advice nylon package, how to improve the problem.


In fact, as long as the following five details of the following, there is no non-wrapped nylon.

      Five details

       Plastic bag nylon TPE, the current system has been developed R & D formula, but to achieve good TPE and PA nylon coating, the process, the recipe has a stress on the details. The following author is now elaborated on the TPE plastic bag nylon effect of the five details:

Details of a polarity and melting point

       1. Different nylon material, its melting point is different. The formula should be considered in addition to the basic polarity modification, it should also be noted TPE and encapsulated nylon material should have a melting point close to. This is TPE and nylon to provide physical properties and bonding comprehensive consideration.

Detail two nylon pieces of baking

       2. For the plastic mold, the second injection, it is recommended to pre-baking pieces of nylon to remove moisture, conducive to bonding, the proposed drying temperature 130 ~ 140 degrees, drying time 2 hours.

Detail three mold design

       3. Before opening the plastic mold, the structure of the product coating should be evaluated to see if it is conducive to the fast running of the TPE and the rapid spreading and bonding on the surface of the nylon. When necessary, you can open more than one or two into the plastic point, so that the back of the trouble.

Details of the four forming temperature and related parameters

       4. The previous recipe design provides the material basis for overmolding. In the overmolding, the molding temperature of the TPE should be adjusted so that the nylon coated surface can be eroded. General TPE plastic bag temperature than nylon molding temperature is low 5 to 10 degrees. In addition, other process parameters also need to be set properly to eliminate watermarks, Phillips, shrinkage and other common defects.

Detail five nylon pieces surface treatment

       5. For some customers who require low cost TPE, according to the structure of the product, some grooves or holes can be designed on the nylon parts so that the TPE and the nylon parts can be mechanically combined.