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What are the characteristics of nylon kitchen
- Nov 17, 2017 -

I believe many people will have such doubts, nylon kitchenware is plastic products, compared to the real steel material, more prone to wear and tear aging. So what about nylon kitchenware, kitchenware as what kind of characteristics and performance, let Xiaobian eleven for everyone to introduce.

First, high mechanical strength, good toughness

A higher tensile strength, compressive strength. Tensile strength higher than the metal, comparable to compressive strength and metal, but its rigidity is less than the metal. Tensile strength close to the yield strength, more than double the ABS. On the impact, stress and vibration absorption capacity, impact strength is much higher than the average plastic, and better than the acetal resin.

Second, outstanding fatigue resistance

Repeated repeated inflection of parts can still maintain the original mechanical strength. Common escalator handrails, new bicycle cycle fatigue cyclical effects of very often occasions, the application of PA.

Third, high softening point

Heat-resistant (such as nylon 46, high-heat-denatured nylon high temperature deformation, long-term use at 150 degrees. PA66 after glass fiber reinforced, the heat distortion temperature reached 250 degrees above).

Fourth, the surface is smooth

Friction coefficient is small, wear-resistant. When the mechanical components for self-lubricating, low noise, the friction is not too high can be added without the use of lubricants; if you really need to use lubricant to reduce friction or to help cooling, the water and oil can be selected. As a result, it has a long service life as a transmission part.

Fifth, corrosion-resistant

Very alkali and most salt solution, but also weak acid, oil, gasoline, aromatic-resistant compounds and solvents, inert to aromatics, but not resistant to strong acids and oxidizing agents. Can withstand the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weakness, etc., and has good anti-aging ability. For lubricating oil, fuel and other packaging materials.

Six, self-extinguishing

Non-toxic, odorless, weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, good antibacterial, anti-mold ability.

Seven, have excellent electrical performance

Good electrical insulation, nylon volume resistance is high, high breakdown voltage, in a dry environment, for power frequency insulation materials, even in high humidity environment still has good electrical insulation.

Eight, parts light weight, easy to stain, easy to shape

True nylon will not change until it is in the 180 degree high temperature environment, so we should not worry about food safety when it is used properly. The above is the characteristics of nylon kitchen utensils and nylon kitchen utensils introduced, I hope for everyone to help.

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