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What is silicone kitchen
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Silicone kitchen appliances are currently a new type of kitchen supplies, is now a very fashionable abroad, a product that is very popular with foreigners, and widely used.

 Why silicone kitchen appliances so much so that foreign people like it, we come to the silicone kitchenware to a systematic analysis, but also let us know more about silicone products!

    Silicone kitchen appliances, made of silicone material is made of silica gel is a non-toxic and harmless material, its stability is very good, except with alkali and hydrofluoric acid, no reaction with the other, and high temperature resistance, Can be used between -40-230 degrees, the material is relatively soft, and it has a desiccant effect

    We know through the silicone material, we can know that the silicone kitchen appliances has the following characteristics:

    Long service life: good stability, high and low temperature resistance, soft texture, will not easily deformed with the material hard cracked, because the material relationship, in time is dropped on the ground will not easily broken!

    High and low temperature: can be used between -40-230 degrees, we can put it in the microwave oven or oven is not afraid of the phenomenon of melting appear!

    Mildew: Placed for a long time not afraid to say mildew phenomenon

    Easy to clean: Silicone kitchen utensils easy to clean, clean with water can be a good tableware clean, in line with the extreme demand for our products now living!

    In general, silicone kitchenware is a new type of kitchen utensils, it has the characteristics are in line with our current demand for living products: soft, non-stick pan, easy to clean, breaking the traditional kitchen utensils, to our lives Brought more and better convenience!