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Yangjiang-Stainless Steel Kitchenware Town
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Yangjiang City, has recently received a national card --- China Productivity Promotion Center Association awarded the "title of China's stainless steel kitchenware town" title. Into the global market, the Yangjiang into the world's most influential stainless steel kitchenware production and export base, Yangjiang City, a new development goals.

Kitchen utensils annual output surpasses 3500000000 yuan

Stainless steel kitchenware products industry from scratch, to today's prosperity, emerging people have created a miracle. In 1985,

Yangjiang City, the leaders spotted the opportunity to introduce four stainless steel utensils production line from abroad, to take joint venture, sole proprietorship, cooperative shares and other flexible forms, so that the mechanical processing industry has rapidly expanded into the county's pillar industries, accounting for the county industry 40% of GDP.

It is understood that after 20 years of development, Yangjiang City, the existing stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer 35, supporting 30 manufacturers, of which the annual output value of 500000000 yuan there are 3, 100000000 yuan of 10, more than 95% of products Exports, exports accounted for 45% of Guangdong Province, products in Europe and the United States market share of 50%, becoming the country's largest county-level production and export of stainless steel kitchenware base.

At present, Yangjiang City, stainless steel kitchenware manufacturing practitioners have more than 20,000 people, with an annual output of pots, bowls, dishes, cups, chopsticks, knives, spoons, forks and other stainless steel kitchenware more than 50 million sets (pieces) 3.5 billion yuan, exports 160 million US dollars, the products are exported to Southeast Asia and Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States more than 10 countries and regions.

According to experts estimate, at least 4 people in 100 European countries now use Yangjiang stainless steel kitchen utensils.