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Cabinet Hardware And Tool Maintenance
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Kitchen equipment is the whole cabinet is set burning, washing, storage, smoke is equal to one piece of kitchen equipment, which consists of all the parts, if one of the parts of a problem, it will affect the function of the entire cabinet. Especially the cabinet was hardware, not good maintenance will make the overall cabinet life shortened. In daily use, pay attention to what cabinet cleaning hardware and maintenance issues?

Kitchen equipment pointed out that all the hardware components on the cabinet should be kept clean, there are places where water should be dry in time to avoid rust. Cabinets have hinges and drawers to slide, it is best to always oil, in order to keep the opening and closing draw smoothly. The handle is best not to hang things, especially some of the heavier or more wet things, if the handle loose, you can use a screwdriver twist the back door of the screw. The door is not neat or some loose time, you can adjust the hinge, and now the market is used in the hinges are generally three-dimensional adjustment can be.

Cabinet metal pull baskets

For cabinet hardware parts, in the use of the cabinet when the need to pay attention to the following three points:

1, the door hinge should always be on the oil, to ensure smooth opening and closing, to ensure that no rust.

2, the drawer switch should not be too hard, otherwise the slide by the blow easily from the track.

3, those who pull the basket, such as high body basket, turn the basket and other large hardware, pay attention to open its direction along the opening and closing, should not force to push and pull.

After improving the quality of life, everything is required to become very high, take the kitchen equipment, the kitchen knife can also make a delicious food, but the kitchen cutter large pieces, nine sets, and even eat crabs have been Crab eight pieces of stainless steel products .. so the kitchen of each tool have to use and maintenance are different knowledge need to understand.

1, chopped, cut meat, please use according to different uses, the tool should not cut, cut metal, wood and other hard objects.

2, when scissors should be used to contact with the blade edge of the bone, vertical knife. If the bone stuck knife edge, it is not appropriate to shake, pull out the knife edge. The correct way is to raise the bones and knives together with the cut, until the broken bone. Otherwise, will cause the cutting edge of the steel into the arc gap, this is used improperly, not within the warranty.

3, the tool after each need to wash clean, dry, wipe cooked food, placed ventilation, dry place, away from water and gas channeling to prevent rust. (Stainless steel tool exposed to carbon monoxide gas will produce macular, should be prevented).

4, chopper, scissors rust, can be a piece of sweet potatoes carefully wipe a few times, and then wipe clean with a rag, kitchen knife rust, the knife on the Taomi water dip for 3 hours, you can rust.

5, the tool water mill method: knife with blunt, add water to 15 degrees -20 degrees angle in the whetstone stone back and forth on the number of sharp can be extremely sharp.

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