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Do You Really Use The Kitchen Knives?
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Kitchen knives are no stranger, cooking time will be used, but you really use right? Here to see the kitchen tool manufacturers to summarize the use of common sense of several tools.

In the process of cutting raw materials with a knife, to develop good operating habits. In the cut, especially in the cut salty taste, with a sticky or smell of the original flavor, such as pickles, lotus root, fish, wild rice, yam, etc., adhere to the surface of the material easy to make the blade oxidation, discoloration, corrosion The

After the tool has been used, you must dry the water and dirt with a clean cloth. For a long time do not have the knife, should be dry after the surface coated with a layer of oil to prevent rust.

After the use of the knife, should be safe, dry place, to prevent the blade injury or accidentally hurt.

The use of kitchen knives is very focused on methods and techniques, the correct use to ensure that the kitchen knife bright as new.