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Gracefully Meet The Christmas Perfect Raiders
- Nov 23, 2017 -

For most European countries, Christmas is equivalent to the Chinese New Year, there will be a long holiday, most countries will have a holiday in the week before Christmas, too many countries here is not an example, if you are not sure your customers too Christmas Section, you can go to "Customer Holidays You do not know that you are often bothering him (with tools)" to check out the holiday arrangements for your client's country.

Advance booking shipping, we must know that before each holiday, we are desperate shipments, this time will burst warehouse, set the warehouse, not a week in advance to start slowly may delay a month, with the freight forwarding Confirm the shipping schedule, adjust the production schedule of the factory according to the schedule.

Advance dunning send a single, electric discharge, the holidays are the banks have to rest, do not allow customers to play money in advance you receive very slow, do not collect money most companies can not do electric amplifier, this period of time will have Stranded Hong Kong fees, detention box fees, so that customers pay more, he must be resentful.