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How To Determine The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kitchen Cutter From The Shape
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Kitchen tool is essential in life, is essential for cooking tools, choose a good quality of the tool is very important, from the appearance of the quality can do a basic judgment:

Knife handle: knife to force to make it easy to make strength, the handle is very important, knife handle blade is best one seamless shape, this is not easy to break, not easy to breed bacteria and rust; handle to have thickness, The length should be more than a hand before and after a finger is appropriate. Stainless steel knife handle is too slippery, preferably wood or rubber handle, more non-slip.

Blade: good knife blade and knife must be straight, that steel to straight. How to describe a good knife - sharp, light weight, width should be moderate, before and after the balance. The average customer will think that the better the knife to take the better, but it is not the case, the more light the more easy the knife knife injury; Select the knife to remember: thick back, thin blade, that is, the first half of the knife should be the thinner the better, after 1/3 thick thick better.

Toughness: a good knife blade can keep the sharp long-lasting is the most important, it is necessary to have hardness but also tough, hand folding knife face, you can feel the obvious toughness. The method of checking the blade is the side of the knife was part of the triangle, but the knife does not drum out the good, edge straight and not twisted, straight view of a black line, no white edge; good steel knife in the sound when the sound , You can use the cut method to test the blade, cable down, feel easy, incision smooth, no burr.

We use the kitchen tool when the focus must be concentrated, not half-hearted, so that better to avoid the occurrence of danger.