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How To Grind Sharp Knives
- Jun 20, 2017 -

1. First of all to choose a good whetstone, not too thick, too fine is not good, the surface to see the coarse sand on the line.

2. Chopper and whetstone contact surface as much as possible, about 15 degrees angle.

3. Then along the direction of the blade oblique grinding, grinding after the knife to pick up with the knife stone in vitro, and then back to the original position along the blade and then grinding, repeated this action, do not press the grinding stone back to grinding, That will make the grinding of the blade and then passivation.

4. Grind a few times and then turn over the other side by the same method of grinding. You can add some water on the whetstone wet, so you can make the kitchen knife wear faster, of course, grinding stone will wear faster, but at the expense of grinding stone in the inevitable.