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Kitchen Knife Safe Storage
- Jun 20, 2017 -

In the kitchen, the tool is a must. In the kitchen tool, the tool is the most used, the kitchen knife is a great danger, then the kitchen tool should be safe to store it?

1, the kitchen knife, etc. placed in a stainless steel box or a special kitchen knife storage rack. The box can be fixed on one side of the counter. If there are children at home, the box is best placed inside the cabinet door. If it is shelves, it is best fixed in a special place.

2, a little bit of the tool can be placed on the counter below the pull-type storage grid. Storage of different tools on the knife on the knife, to avoid sharp edges hurt the user.

3, the embedded case below the board can also be used to place a drawer. The knife holder in the drawer is magnetic and can effectively prevent the tool from sliding out of the drawer.

Kitchen utensils do not place anywhere, to put the kitchen safe place, it is best to find a tool to put up.