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Selection Of Mold Raw Materials
- Jun 20, 2017 -

In the production of silicone products, mold, the first thing to consider is the choice of mold raw materials. According to the product quality, quantity, structure, etc. to determine the selection of silicone mold.

Preparation also need to take into account the room temperature, mold strength and hardness, the specific method is determined by the silica gel mold volume of the total amount, and then A, B components in proportion to accurately accurate, placed in the vessel evenly stirred Serve. Silicone mold making is one of the most simple methods in fast molds, good elasticity and replication performance. The use of silicone rubber to replicate the model product does not affect the dimensional accuracy, with good segmentation, no need to divide the mold, The And then cut along the predetermined parting line to remove the master mold on it.

We have a lot of plastic in life, rubber made of handicrafts, products can be made of silicone mold casting. Various types of silicone rubber mold production methods will be different, how to make silicone mold, then the preparation of the preparation of the silicone mold, we should pay attention to the modeling aspects of what?

According to the production of different types of silicone molds, there are three kinds of mold mode: package mold, brush (split die, three-dimensional mold, plane mold), filling mold.

Silicone mold: the deployment of good materials, into the imitation of the clean kind can be. In order to save material, made thin silicone products mold, can also be sub-brushing; to increase the tension of the mold can be glued gauze and the like, at room temperature of 20 degrees under 2 hours can be turned into elastomer, use.

If the customer needs to do large pieces of products, such as the opening piece of mold, it is necessary to use high hardness liquid silicone mold to do mold; the contrary, complex patterns and fine tiny mold, such as package mold, must use soft liquid mold silicone To do mold