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Silica Gel Products Raw Materials Price Reversal, Organic Silicon Upstream Continues To Rise In Succession
- Oct 30, 2017 -

    For organic silicon raw material suppliers, the silicone market picks up again the next spring, and for downstream of silicone rubber products industry suppliers, in the price rise will be another difficult levels, at the beginning of August after inventory survey, domestic organic silicon began to recover quickly, which belongs to the obvious, zhejiang zhongtian, shandong dongyue, dow corning and south star spark and so on many companies!

    In mid-july thought of organic silicon in the next few months will be slipping phenomenon, and as the price increases have affected or required procurement suppliers in downstream manufacturing line, so as the long-term use of silica gel products vendors, the phenomenon and the serious influence to the cost control as well as the rubber break goods phenomenon, now expect to see further price should add to two months in the increase volatility So as silicone rubber products industry, still hope hope purchase customers friends can get more understanding from the price quotation.

    Now know price increases to reverse, market prices rose 1000 yuan/ton and tidy, the current understanding of organic silicon downstream demand is still in the off-season, on the other hand in early July falling prices for many suppliers of start purchasing organic silicon downstream demand, make up a large number of the bottom of the raw material, short period also prepare inventory will, on the other hand in the silicon metal raw materials, a the methane of cl, such as prices in recent months continues to rise.

    According to the understanding to the rising prices in August. DMC, 107 glue, rubber mixing rubber, silicon oil, silicon metal, and so on several big material, mixing rubber and the domestic market by low began to turn on, the price will increase 1000-1500 yuan/ton, conventional hardness of silicone rubber mixing rubber mainstream market price is in 20000-20500 yuan/ton, the gas phase mixing rubber reference price 28000-29000 yuan/ton. On the one hand, the raw material of rubber "pricing" ahead of schedule, cost support strength from weak to strong。123.png

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